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Taking medication can be very confusing, especially when you are prescribed more than one medication at a time. You may be asking questions and not receiving answers in a way you can understand. 


  • What are the side effects that this medicine might cause?

  • Does this medication interact with any of my other medications, over-the-counter products, or herbals and supplements?

  • Should I take this pill with food or on an empty stomach?

  • Is there a cheaper alternative?

  • I’m tired of taking so many pills! Can anything be stopped safely?

These questions and many others can be answered by your Consultant Pharmacist specialist.


Consultant Pharmacists provide one-on-one consultation with you and your family, often in your home or community center.


Benefits of a Comprehensive Medication Review:


  • Provide professional, unhurried visits and medication information that is understandable to you, your family and caregivers.

  • Identify and reduce medication-related problems such as side effects and drug interactions.

  • Eliminate unnecessary medications.

  • Simplify the system for taking medications.

  • Offer ideas for improving medication compliance and maintaining the best health.

  • Serve as your advocate with your physician to ensure the use of the most appropriate medications.

  • Promote wellness and disease prevention.

  • Help you stay healthy through appropriate, safe and effective medication use.






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