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SmartMedTags are used to assist those taking multiple doses of medication throughout the day. Simply attach the SmartMedTags to the medication container and use it to track when medication was given.


"In the past I would forget to take my medicine and SmartMedTags was a great solution for keeping me organized.  It's great for anyone, especially keeping tracks of my kids medications.  I will be using these every time I have a medication from now on!" -Camilla G.


  • Flexible and resilient elastic band wraps securely around medication bottles

  • Tracks medication administration times and dates to ensure adherence

  • Durable note tag repels water and moisture, and resists scuffs, tears, and smudges

  • Note tag provides a smooth, clean surface for writing

  • Works best with permanent pen

  • Size: 3.5" x 1.625"

  • Pharmacist Approved ✅


Buy a Pack of 10 tags for $1.99

(price inclusive of sales tax and shipping & handling)

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Patent #86681967

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