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MedFolio is a medication management device that signifies a time when the old-fashioned “pill box” meets the 21st century. Stylish and sleek, this medication organizer will alert you to take your next dose of medications with an audible sound and a unique visual LED-lighting system.

For those patients with active lifestyles, receive your medication dosing reminders by e-mail or text messaging. In order to improve communication lines between patients, their loved ones, and healthcare providers regarding medication history, a one of a kind built-in medication identification system is right at your fingertips.













  • Sleek design easily resides on any household counter top. 

  • Durable carrying case makes for easy transport of the device for appointments or travel. 

  • Pill storage boxes are detachable for a short-term supply of medications. 

  • Access baskets aid in the delivery of medications from the device. 

  • Unique built-in pill ID system helps patients recognize medications by name, dosing schedule & indication. 

  • Receive visual & audio dosing alerts, along with optional electronic reminders via e-mail and text message. 

  • Visual LED lighting system illuminates the exact compartment for each scheduled dose.

  • Missed dose notifications can be sent to loved ones and caregivers. 

  • Allows medication adherence to be monitored remotely by loved ones, caregivers and healthcare professionals.


MedFolio Cellular Pillbox ($199.00 + $9.99 monthly subscription fee)


MedFolio Wireless Pillbox ($199.00 + $2.99 monthly subscription fee)



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