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SmartMedTags: Tracking Medication Administration

With the growing reliance on medication therapy as the primary intervention for most illnesses, patients receiving medication interventions are exposed to potential harm as well as benefits. Benefits are effective management of the illness/disease, slowed progression of the disease, and improved patient outcomes with few if any errors. Harm from medications can arise from unintended consequences as well as medication error (wrong medication, wrong time, wrong dose, etc.). The National Institute of Medicine reports that medication errors account for more than 7,000 deaths annually.

While there are many apps and websites currently available to download onto our smart phones and devices, we have found in our experience the older adult is "tech adverse". In that they either don't have the access or desire to utlize phones and computers to track when their medications need to be taken.

We are excited to announce the launch of our "low-tech" affordable medication administration tracking tool SmartMedTags! SmartMedTags are used to assist those taking multiple doses of medication throughout the day. Simply attach the SmartMedTags to the medication container and use it to track when medication was given.

See what our customer's are saying about SmartMedTags:

"In the past I would forget to take my medicine and SmartMedTags was a great solution for keeping me organized. It's great for anyone, especially keeping tracks of my kids medications. I will be using these every time I have a medication from now on!" -Camilla G.

"As a mother of three young children someone in our home is always sick! Most recently my two younger children were ill with the same virus, but about a week apart. SmartMedTags kept me organized in giving both of them a 10 day antibiotic 3 times a day. Life is hectic, but just by using a simple tool, like our SmartMedTags, I was not only able to keep track of their doses, but had the confidence to know that they’d both receive their medicine properly and safely." - Brenna O.

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